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TalkPoint's 2012 Webcasting Usage Survey reveals details about usage and preferences of businesses when it comes to webcasting, streaming media and mobile. Based on the survey results, TalkPoint has advanced its technology to exceed our clients’ needs and deliver the highest-quality webcasting service available.

The business implications of the survey can be seen below. To download the full survey results and accompanying infographic, please enter your email address and click the link below. 

Business Implications of TalkPoint’s Webcasting Usage Survey 2012

Extended Messaging, Larger Audience Reach, Reduced Travel/Meetings Budgets

Survey Results:

Survey respondents indicated that webcasting enhances their business communication efforts by extending messaging distribution and reaching a larger audience, while accounting for less travel and reducing budgets.

  • 38.8% said they hold webcasts to reach a larger audience and to generate revenue (16.3%)
  • 59.2%  said webcasting helped reduce their travel/meetings budget, in some cases by more than 30%. 

TalkPoint Technology:

  • Scalability: Since larger audience reach is key for our customers, scalability continues to be a major factor when updating our technology. Both our managed services and webcasting self-service platform, Convey, can accommodate live and on-demand audiences of up to 10,000 viewers.
  • Lead Generation & Minimizing Costs:  We work with our clients to help drive sales at an affordable, competitive price. Our lead generation webcasts provide robust reports on everything from demographic data collected at the time of registration to participation and engagement data logged during the webcast presentation. This data can then be used to follow up with leads and secure business.        

Convenience, Portability & Mobile

Survey Results:

Hosting events online can increase participation rates, and many survey respondents turn to webcasting over in-person events.  On-the-go business professionals are also turning to mobile devices for more convenient and portable data access.

  • 69.9% said they would rather use webcasting then attend an in-person event because they can attend at their convenience from any location
  • 45.2% access data on mobile devices more than computers due to portability and convenience (41.9%)
  • When asked what they would give up instead of their mobile device, 62.1% would rather give up coffee; 11.5% said their significant other. Sleep and vacation days tied at 10.3%.      

TalkPoint Technology:

  • Mobile Delivery Option: TalkPoint’s mobile delivery growth grew 1200% in 2012, and it has granted clients greater access to live and on-demand webcasts so they can conveniently connect with employees, sales teams and other customers (without forgoing interactive elements like Q&As, surveys, polling and social media functionality).