HTML5_Logo_512.pngWe are proud to announce the completed migration of our Convey webcasting platform to an all HTML5 solution. Webcasts with up to 20,000 simultaneous audience members no longer require the use of browser plugins such as Flash Player. The new solution works across all modern browsers and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Google Android and Applie iOS. 

TalkPoint CTO Michael Vitale says, "TalkPoint was an early adopter of HTML5 for mobile devices, but our latest update brings that same functionality to the desktop" 

"Delivering a complete webcast solution without the use of plugins was traditionally challenging. Those barriers no longer exist and we look forward to bringing the next generation of webcasting to our clients" he continued.

 With many enterprise companies blocking the use of Flash-based plugins due to security vulnerabilities, the need for HTML5 technology is even more paramount to the success of organizational communication over the Internet. According to recent reports, 34 of the worlds top 100 websites already employ the use of  HTML5. Furthermore almost a third of Fortune 500 U.S. companies have already implemented HTML5 on their corporate websites.

TalkPoint HTML5 streaming benefits:

  • Live streams make use of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and no longer require plug-ins such as Adobe Flash
  • Streams are delivered to your browser using the same secure ports and protocols that SSL protected websites use
  • New HTML5 audio and video players have improved usability and accessibility for PC, Mac and mobile users